Upholstery Cleaning Cork

Upholstery  Steam Cleaning

At Upholstery Cleaning Cork we can revive your faded upholstery by using our deep steam cleaning process. at All Brite cleaning we always give a free deodorizing with every cleaning so your fine fabrics are always smelling fresh.

At All Brite  upholstery cleaning we have 3 cleaning that will clean all upholstery.

Deep Steam Upholstery Cleaning Cork

Steam cleaning can clean 90% of upholstered couches. Herculean would be a fabric that cleans up well with All Brite steam cleaning.

As with all the cleaning processes we give the couches a good vacuuming which removes all the loose dirt.

As we vacuum we observe any spots and stains that we think could be a problem. we will  pretreat those areas with our Eco Friendly spotting agents.  the head rests and the arm rests do tend to get dirty easily so we treat these areas as well.

We then steam clean the couches giving the heavy traffic a triple cleaning and  extracting the dirty water with our twin 3 stage vacuums.

Dry-Wet-Dry Upholstery Cleaning

We use this cleaning process for fine fabrics that are water sensitive. with this process we can avoid problems such as the bleeding of the fabric and fabrics that are prone to browning.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is used on very fine fabrics. we will apply a dry solvent to your upholstery and then with a white towel agitate the fabric. the dirt in the upholstery id then transferred to the towel. this is not a deep cleaning so you should never let the upholstery get too dirty.

As we clean each piece of upholstery we use our heavy duty air mover that speeds up the drying time of the couches.

The cleaning process depending on how heavily soiled it is  takes about 2 hours to achieve the best results it will take about 2 hours for the couches to dry using the steam cleaning process. we recommend that you avail of a morning appointment so all your upholstery will be dry for the afternoon.

Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning requires   extra attention. shop bought cleaners will provide protection but they stop the leather from breathing which causes crack in the leather.

With All Brite leather cleaning we clean the leather couches to remove any staining and soiling.after the cleaning we apply a moisturizer renewing the feel of the leather .We then apply a leather protect-ant so your leather stays protected for as long as possible.



Upholstery cleaning Cork

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